Rosemary Sage

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Rosemary Sage

Rosemary Sage - 9 oz Status Jar
Rosemary Sage - 6.5 oz Status Jar
Rosemary Sage - 6 oz Tin
Rosemary Sage - Votive
Rosemary Sage - Tart

One of the favorite memories from my childhood is Thanksgiving Dinner at Grandma’s house. By the time we all gathered in, “Maw”, as we grandchildren called her, would be busy in the kitchen putting out some of the best aromas known to man. Two of my favorites were the turkey baking in the oven, with the smell of the Rosemary sprig she threw on top of the bird, and the aroma of my favorite homemade dish – the cornbread dressing laced with aromatic sage. This candle takes me back to my childhood and those Thanksgiving dinners at Grandma’s. Hopefully, it will do the same for you…or help create some new sensory memories.

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