We want to give you a little background on a new product we launched on our website recently. Back in October we had family visiting from deep south – don’t we all get family and friends who want to Leaf Peep?! The guys were sitting around talking about hunting plans for the season. They talked about a lot of things, but Chuck was hit by them talking about the aromas involved, the woods, the gear, the blinds, the stands. After the guests had left, we started thinking about candle scents. He called one of the guys and they bounced around different names for candles. Then Chuck started mixing different scents to evoke the experience of hunting in the woods. We searched for a different container that would be more outdoorsy looking and the wood grain tin has been well received by customers. The camo design on the lid fits perfectly into the line, and the wooden wick is more outdoor feeling than a cotton wick, but still burns cleanly. Five of the scents evoke memories of actually being out hunting or camping. Even Duck Blind has a bit of salt and marsh for those who hunt duck and goose. The Funk Eliminator is great for lighting in your cabin to dispel any unpleasant odors that can accumulate when a bunch of guys hang out together for several days!
Check out the descriptions of the 6 scents and let us know what you think!