Benefits of Soy Candles

Benefits of Soy Wax Candles

When burning a soy wax candle from Nature’s Light Candles, you can rest assured you are using a 100% All-Natural plant-based wax that is safe, non-toxic, and completely renewable. Soy wax is made from naturally grown soybeans, which is one of the major agricultural products in the US. Most of the soybeans processed in the world are grown in the US, in the midwestern part of the country, mainly in Illinois, Iowa and Indiana. The entirety of the soybean is used in the process of extracting the oils from the soybean. After extracting the oils, the hulls of the beans are processed and used as animal feed. Thus, making the product completely sustainable and renewable.

Soy wax is a far superior product for use in candle making as opposed to some other waxes. For example, paraffin wax, one of the most often used candle waxes due to its cheap cost, is derived in a contrasting way. Paraffin wax is the product of the oil purification process from petroleum, coal, or oil shale. When you remove the waxy substance from crude oil, you are left with paraffin wax.  Not only are you using a product that is non-renewable, but the finished product, the actual candle, does not perform as well as one of Nature’s Light Candles’ high-quality soy candles. Paraffin wax candles do not burn as cleanly as soy candles, producing smoke, soot, and a less effective scent dispersion than soy candles. Paraffin wax is, after all, a petroleum derivative. The scent dispersion characteristic of soy wax is a primary reason why we at Nature’s Light Candles chose to use soy over paraffin wax, even though it is more costly. Our all-natural scents can best be enjoyed by you when used in soy wax candles. All the fragrances we use in our candles are free of phthalates (a chemical that can be harmful to humans) and produce a clean, distinct, and long-lasting fragrance, which is, after all, the primary reason one chooses one candle over another.

When you purchase a soy wax candle from Nature’s Light Candles you are using a product made from American grown soybeans; sustainable, eco-friendly and carbon neutral. In addition to supporting American Farmers, and small businesses like ours, you are getting a high-quality candle that burns cleanly and slowing giving you the best value for your purchase dollars. Check us out on our website to view all our candles in a variety of scents and sizes. We have multiple everyday scents available as well as our Seasonal and Holiday selections, along with candle accessories. All our candles are hand-poured in our production studio in the NC high country.